We provide IT cloud services

We tailor IT cloud services to meet complex data management and security needs of the medical industry.

Cloud solutions can help meet the challenge of storing and managing large amounts of sensitive patient data, including:

  • Medical records,
  • Lab results, and
  • Imaging studies.

This data needs to be accessible to authorized healthcare providers, while also being protected from unauthorized access and breaches.

What are the benefits of cloud services?

Cloud solutions enable healthcare providers to access and share data remotely. This allows patient data to be accessed from any location and at any time using any internet-connected device. This capability enhances the quality of care and patient outcomes. Especially with the rise of tele-medicine and remote monitoring.

In addition to data management and security, cloud solutions also help the medical industry to improve workflow and streamline operations. For example, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) systems can help to automate the process of capturing, storing, and sharing patient data. This can help to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

One of the key advantages of cloud solutions for the medical industry is the ability to scale up or down. This will help to reduce costs and improve overall financial stability. It can also improve the ability to grow and adapt to changing needs. This includes growing patient populations or new regulations.

Cloud solutions can be particularly well-suited to meet the unique and complex needs of the medical industry. Secure, scalable storage and remote data access can help improve care, outcomes, streamline operations, and cut costs.

What type of cloud software services do we provide?

At the forefront of our software cloud solutions is the Microsoft 365 (M365) subscriptions we offer. We are an authorised Microsoft Partner and we specialise in configuring M365 software to provide an all in one solution for your:

  • Workplace email accounts (Outlook)
  • Business software suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Intranet (SharePoint)
  • Shared and private drives (OneDrive)
  • Productivity apps.

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