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Have you considered IT support dedicated for your General Practitioner clinic?

Are you planning a new general practitioner (GP) clinic? Do you need assistance with your existing Technology (IT) setup? Trust in us. We will handle all your IT requirements.

Radiology IT

How do we work?

We get involved early in the piece. We liaise with your builders, electricians and other trades to ensure a smooth setup and future proof your clinic.

We have extensive knowledge working with GP clinics all over Australia. Our legal team also gives us legislative advice, and we are across all medical and healthcare developments as communicated through the RACGP – The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

We work within the framework of the Privacy Act (1988) and the Health Records Act (2001). We develop IT solutions to collect and handle personal information securely onshore within Australia’s borders.

As your Chief Technology Officer (CTO), we will consult with you to understand your GP business requirements and deliver cost effective solutions without compromising on patient care and outcomes.

GP clinic hardware requirements

We setup and configure:

  • Desktop/notebook computers, iPads and speakers
  • Network requirements including cabling and data points
  • NBN/Internet connectivity
  • Hosted cloud PBX systems/VoIP requirements including mobile.
Radiology hardware

Excellent service and support. Very fast, I had a new system within days.
Great attention to detail. Fantastic support – John Doherty

GP software configuration

We setup, configure and manage licenses for:

  • A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) including:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Microsoft 365 licenses
    • Outlook email
    • Anti-virus protection
  • Website development, hosting and domain name management
  • Interoperability between x-ray machine, network and PACS integration
  • Disaster recovery including automated backups, software updates and cyber security protocols.

We assist with the setup for GP Practice Management Software.

How do we provide GP IT support?

  • Unlimited troubleshooting support using telephone, chat and with an option for on-site support
  • Secure remote management and ticketing system to track requests
  • Monthly service delivery report for Managed Services Clients.

Our partners

Medic Cloud X-Ray machine and IT services

Fully qualified and certified

  • Australian owned and certified business
  • Technology partner with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sophos, Commscope
  • Licensed with the Department of Health, EPA, Qld Health
  • We stand by our training to offer you the best quality service.

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    Get the service and support when you need, where you need. With 24/7 IT services support including VoIP, Internet, NBN, X-ray machines, CR Scanners, DR units, we are here to assist you. No matter how trivial you may think the question is.