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Have you considered a radiology x-ray machine install for your clinic?

Are you planning a new radiology clinic? Do you need assistance with your existing radiology x-ray machine? Leave it to us. We will handle all your x-ray machine requirements.

Chiropractic x-ray machine install

How do we work?

We follow a three-step process to achieve a successful x-ray machine install at your radiology clinic:

  1. Consult: Engage in a consultative process to evaluate clinical needs and available space.
  2. Install: Deliver and install the x-ray machine with minimal disruption to your workplace.
  3. Support: Provide training, technical support and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your x-ray machine.

For over a decade, we continue to:

  • Partner with radiology centers throughout Australia
  • Collaborate closely with our legal and insurance team, to ensure protection for both our clients and ourselves
  • Operate under the guidelines of the Privacy Act (1988) and the Health Records Act (2001), to devise solutions for collecting and managing information within Australia’s borders
  • Be across medical and healthcare developments as communicated through the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR).

What type of x-ray machine systems do we supply?

We are partners with multiple system providers. We assess the radiology environment and recommend an x-ray system accordingly. The systems we supply and support include:

  • Fuji
  • LG
  • Carestream Health
  • Carestream Dental
  • Stephanix
  • Sedecal
  • CPI
Dental x-ray machine

They know radiology connectivity like no other…enough said – Cameron Yates

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Radiology machine install

How do we provide radiology x-ray machine support?

Our systems are provided with 12 months complimentary support and monitoring. In addition, our expert technicians are available to take your calls during business hours. We also offer:

  • Managed services (fixed fee unlimited technical support)
  • Onsite and remote services
  • An after-hours emergency access line
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs
  • Assistance with your x-ray equipment insurance claims
  • Ongoing and active health monitoring of your x-ray system (as applicable).

Leading up to an installation, we will liaise with your RIS and PACS providers to ensure a seamless integration of your x-ray system.

Our IT department can further assist with your clinical systems, including the supply and setup of servers, computers, phones, Internet, printers and more.

We serve as your comprehensive ally for all your technological requirements.

What are the benefits of our x-ray machine solutions?

  • High quality and cost effective work (no compromising)
  • Integration solutions for Voyager Imaging and Comrad
  • Ability to install into small rooms and environments
  • Cloud based backups and image access with line drawings
  • Single phase ability without compromising on output.

Our partners

Medic Cloud X-Ray machine and IT services

Fully qualified and certified

  • Australian owned and certified business
  • Technology partner with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sophos, Commscope
  • Licensed with the Department of Health, EPA, Qld Health
  • We stand by our training to offer you the best quality service.

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