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Do you have IT support for your clinic?

We offer Information Technology (IT) support services to help medical and allied health providers. Our experienced IT team are also dedicated to help and stay ahead of the latest technologies.

We provide support for the following clinics:

Chiropractic IT support

We have a long history supporting chiropractors in Australia. We were founded on providing support for the profession. Speak to us to learn how we have transformed chiropractic clinics. Learn about our service.

Dental IT support

Dentists are essential in promoting oral health and preventing dental diseases. We help dentists concentrate on their craft while we take care of their IT requirements. Learn about our service.

GP IT support

We respect the importance of the work carried out by GPs, Practice Managers and Nurses within a clinic and we want to help. We provide IT support for GP clinics large and small within Australia, including remote and rural locations. Learn about our service.

Radiology IT support

Radiologists play a pivotal role as the eyes in the medical industry through diagnostic imaging techniques. Our team have Use licenses in place to ensure we can support you in all aspects of your IT needs. Learn about our service.

Fantastic service! Medic Cloud make me feel as if I’m their only customer. Incredibly friendly, helpful, patient, and super knowledgeable.
– Gina Idda

VET IT support

We value the crucial role VETs play in safeguarding the health and well-being of animals. We provide IT support for VET clinics to support their great work. Learn about our service.

Our partners

Medic Cloud X-Ray machine and IT services

Fully qualified and certified

  • Australian owned and certified business
  • Technology partner with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sophos, Commscope
  • Licensed with the Department of Health, EPA, Qld Health
  • We stand by our training to offer you the best quality service.

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    Get the service and support when you need, where you need. With 24/7 IT services support including VoIP, Internet, NBN, X-ray machines, CR Scanners, DR units, we are here to assist you. No matter how trivial you may think the question is.