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Hey everybody welcome to the Medic Hub Blog!

We’re super excited to have launched our own blog and this is the very first post. I hope you find the blog helpful.

This blog is going to be about our visit to the Conversion Retention Immersion Masterclass in Sydney by The Remarkable Practice (TRP).

The Masterclass brought together Chiropractic professionals to discuss improving services including patient care.

Sam Ogutucu, Managing Director from the Medic Cloud team

Sam, Medic Cloud Managing Director

Why did we attend the TRP Masterclass?

As a sponsor, our attendance was an excellent opportunity to see some of our existing partners. We took the time to have a coffee and chat in depth with:

Another great reason for attending was to ensure that we remain actively involved in the chiropractic profession and understand trends, requests and any pain points. It’s always important to establish new partners as well so if we missed you at the event please reach out to us. We’re always happy to chat. Drop us a line here.

Medic Cloud at the Remarkable Masterclass

Conversion Retention Immersion Masterclass in Sydney – June 28 and 29, 2024

L:R – Sam Ogutucu (Me), Adam Curwood, Josh Condon, Troy Seacy (Wellbeing)

Conversion Retention Immersion Masterclass in Sydney – June 28 and 29, 2024

L:R – Sam Ogutucu (Me), Adam Curwood, Josh Condon, Troy Seacy (Wellbeing)

Our pitch to the chiropractic professionals

We had super nerdy, exciting discussions with local and international professionals at the TRP Masterclass. We discussed Medic Cloud offerings and we certainly wowed everybody as a dual role service provider that supplies x-ray machine equipment and information technology support services.

There was even time to discuss our achievements. For example, how we developed a solution to improve the image transfer process between x-ray machines and practice management software. We demonstrated how our x-ray machine setup works seamlessly with common practice management software systems to automate image transfers. This saves a lot of time and fosters efficiency.

In the spirit of the TRP Masterclass to work smarter and harder to deliver optimal patient care, we also made our vision public on this subject. Our objective is to extend our innovative solutions to include more practice management software providers. We want to transform the industry with our expertise. Speak to us if you are experiencing image transfer challenges. We can help.

Medic Cloud and The Remarkable Practice (TRP)

We are in our 3rd year of our great relationship with TRP. Over this time, our involvement has extended beyond the conferences and events. We collaborate on other initiatives such as a recent ‘How to Set Yourself up for Growth’ podcast where I speak about the Medic Cloud story. You can hear my discussion at 28:45 minute mark of the podcast below.

TRP educates its Masterclass attendees on how to improve their business operations typically in a small and medium-sized business setting. Since these are the businesses sizes we also work with, it’s a good opportunity to collaborate with a partner that shares common audiences, goals and ideas.

The three most common goals we see as a collective include:

  1. Optimum patient care and outcomes
  2. Streamlined business processes and efficiencies
  3. Technology improvements including supply of x-ray systems to clinics followed by integration and automation

As experts in the technology space, we have regular discussions with TRP. We always advocate for the importance of a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) as part of the pillar of “C’s” in TRP seminars. No doubt we will see more of this in future TRP events.

I look forward to more collaboration with TRP in the future.

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