Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) System

Our client had an older ISDN based locally hosted telephone system. They had recently transitioned over to a fiber optic internet connection, and with the recent roll out of the NBN, it was time for them to look at getting a new telephone system. We partnered with EXETEL to deliver the appropriate solution to them.

The best part was that the Exetels VoIP system is hosted on the cloud, so the client no longer required an inhouse PABX Server, freeing up space in their communication cabinet and reducing on their electricity usage by not having a local PABX Server in place. The phone line plan provided by Exetel also reduced their existing telephone cost by over $600 per month, and they provided them with brand new Yealink VoIP phones as part of their monthly plan, which came with the added benefit of unlimited calls.

After spending 2-3 hours with our consultant to map out their telephone systems call flow, extension structures and audio recording requirements. A date was chosen to conduct the swap over.

Due to the fact that this was going in to a very busy clinic, we deployed the telephones after hours during the night, and had scheduled for the swap over to take place at 8am, to mitigate the risk of any downtime. The entire system was functional within 15 minutes, with almost no downtime to the clinics phones. From there, we spent some time fine tuning the system to meet the clients needs.