Vet DR Retrofit

The clinic was in need of an urgent solution to get their X-ray system up and running again due to a failure in the previous system.

We were engaged to provide a quotation on a system that would be compatible and work with the clinics existing X-ray, where we made the recommendation of the Carestream DRX Wireless Core System, with a new Workstation and the latest Image Suite software from Carestream Health.

Prior to installing the system, we ensured that the X-ray system was functinoing correctly, where we tested the Exposure settings of the X-ray with a calibrated dose meter. Once we were satisfied with the testing results, we began the installation process of the DR unit and the software system.

Upon completing the installation of the software and the DR system, we provided the client and their team with training on the software system, then we liaised with their practice management system provider to ensure that the X-ray images would automatically upload in to the practice management software.