Vet CR System

The VitaFlex and ImageSuite will compliment any Veterinary X-ray system requiring an upgrade to their existing CR or even Wet Film systems.

The Image Suite software is backwards compatible with the older Kodak / Carestream CR units, making it a cheap way of upgrading your system, without needing to upgrade your CR.

This was the requirement in this particular clinic, where they wanted to keep their existing CR system as it was, and simply upgrade their computer to Windows 10 and also upgrade the software to run the latest version of the Carestream ImageSuite software.

Once the client picked the computer of their choice, we were able to conduct the rest of the installation for them remotely, saving them on call out fees. This was then followed  through with a remote training session to their key staff.

The system is now ready to also connect up to a VitaFlex unit if the clinic wants to upgrade their CR. The Vita Flex is compact in design, where you can position it facing up or facing out. Allowing you to keep it in the tightest of spaces.

ImageSuite boasts great software capabilities specific to the Veterinary industry and has derived from the Medical Diagnostic Imaging industry going through TGA, CE and FDA approvals, making it a hiqh quality product without the premium price tag.

Since ImageSuite is designed and developed by Carestream who also manufactures the CR systems, it makes this system well balanced and calibrated for even the most busiest of Veterinary clinics, with impressive image filters and an array of X-ray image editing tools, where the software works hand in hand with its own CR equipment. 

Best of all, if you have a new team member, or you haven’t procured X-rays in a long time, the system has a tutorial button that is always available during the image acquisition stage, providing you with guidelines on how to position your patient for optimum results, and a sample X-ray of what the image should look like once you procure your X-rays.

Lastly, ImageSuite is compatible with Windows 10 32bit and 64bit editions, and comes with built in backup features.